Alexis finished her breakfast and began cleaning the dishes. She wasn’t really a neat freak, but she hated leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Sliding her plate in the dishwasher, she flicked the door closed with her foot. She grabbed her purse and keys off the counter and walked out to her garage. She couldn’t help but smile every time she slid behind the wheel of her Mustang. When she picked out the car, it had been easy. She had walked into the dealership, walked right up to a sales guy and told him straight out that she wanted a red mustang GT, manual, black leather, interior upgrade package and wanted to be out the door for under $27K. The sales had looked at her like she was crazy, which she probably was, but that is neither here nor there. Unfortunately for him, rather than say okay and begin working on getting her into the car she just requested, he decided to question her judgment. ‘Wouldn’t you love a convertible or what about tan leather?’ So, she politely asked to speak to another sales associate. An hour and a mound of paper work later, she had a new car, and the original sales guy was none too happy. She has never worked well with people who questioned her judgment.

She pressed her garage door button and the door opened. She back out of her driveway, shifted into first, and turned on her radio. Country music filled her speakers and she began to sing along. Her mother and Valerie always teased her about her ‘car singing’; it was always at the tops of her lungs, and always out of key. She loved to sing, she just didn’t do it very well.

Alexis arrived at her office and pulled her car around back. She parked and finished singing the last couple lines of the song she had been listening to.