Alex pulled out the Pine Ridge file, figuring she would brush up on the details of the house. 8 bedrooms, 10.5 baths, with huge sliding glass doors in the master bedroom and views out to the lake. Custom built kitchen with top of the line cook top and fridge. All marble counters. The list of gorgeous amenities went on and on, but she knew that all it would take was for the Mr. and Mr. Samuels to see the house to be sold on it. They had been looking for a house above the lake for 6 months, and this one just came on the market 3 days ago. They had 2 kids, both of whom were in college, so the huge house was really just for them. They wanted a home that the kids would want to come back to, but more importantly, a home they could host all of their lavish parties in. Mrs. Samuels was known for throwing formal dinner parties almost every weekend. Alex heard the gossip from her mom, as she was usually invited.

Despite the high price tag, the houses in that area sold very quickly, as it was rare for them to come up for sale. She even had a list of people on file that she was supposed to call every time one went up. Mr. Samuels had been at the top of the list, and it only took him 2 days from when she called for him to come in for an appointment. She just wished he hadn’t ‘assumed’ Alex would be available whenever he wanted.
Alex wiggled her mouse; her computer had gone to sleep while she was out talking to Sarah. She scanned through her emails; she had about 40 junk emails, a few requests for info about homes, and a few she actually cared about. Her dad had sent her a joke, her mom had sent her some article about dating, and Val had sent her a comment on her MySpace. Her dad’s jokes tended to be funny, her mom always sent her dating advice, and the MySpace comment from Val was probably about how hung-over she was. She decided to ignore the emails and went straight to her RSS feeds. Clicking on her folder for Perez Hilton, she was excited to see what was going on in the world of gossip.

She heard a knock at her door, and looked at the clock, surprised that it had already been 10 minutes. She called out ‘come in’ and looked back at her computer screen, clicking on the next post.

“Hey Alex”, the deepness of the voice surprised her. She had expected Sarah, but when she looked up, she locked eyes with a 9 year older, but still just as handsome as ever, Jackson Taylor.