She heard the front door open and Sarah walk in. She heard the chair slide out and Sarah sit down. Alexis knew it would be only a couple moments before Sarah stood up and knocked on her door, like she did every morning, to see if Alex was in there. Alex saved her the trouble and walked over to her door. She opened it and walked out into the lobby.

“Hey Sarah. How’s your morning going so far?”

“I’m doing good Alex, thanks. I’m just a little sluggish, in need of some coffee. Didn’t you say that there is a great place just down the street?”

“Yeah, it’s called ‘The Fix’, run by a woman named Becky. She is really sweet, but just a little kooky. She keeps reminding me to bring you down and introduce you. She likes to know everyone that works in town. “

“Okay, well I will head down there and pick something up, if that’s okay with you?”

“Sure! Will you bring me back an iced coffee? Just tell Becky it’s for me, she’ll know what to add. Hold on; let me go grab some money.” Alexis walked back into the office and grabbed the company credit card. She handed it to Sarah. “Oh, and be careful, she’ll keep you there for hours if you let her!” Alexis laughed, and Sarah smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, we have to get ready for your 10:30!”

“Oh, yeah, he called, apparently he wants it to be at 10am, although he didn’t really give me a chance to say no.” Alexis shook her head, “people like that really drive me crazy. If he wasn’t looking at the house on Pine Ridge, I would be more upset.”

Sarah nodded in understanding. Most of the homes Alex sold were between $500K and $1.5 million. There weren’t too many houses over $2 million in Sugarland, although the hills above the lake had a few. The Pine Ridge house was one of them. It was on the market for $5 million, and was worth every penny. It was a gigantic house, located on one of the hills of Rakesford, secluded from everyone, with a great view down to the lake. It was a 7,000 square foot monster with a 7 car garage and its own tennis court. The backyard had been featured so many times in home magazines that Alexis had lost count and the interior of the house was just as beautiful. Alex’s commission on the house would enable her to take a month off to travel during the summer.


“Hey Becky. How are you? How’s business”, Alex asked?

“It’s going great, although I wish I could figure out a way to keep it packed during the day. The morning and the evening, we can barely brew fast enough. But between about 11am and 4 pm…it’s pretty dull. WE have a few people that come in to grab a pick-me-up during lunch, but other than that…” she trailed off, lost in a thought…”Oh, um are you”?

Alexis giggled, she couldn’t help it when she listened to her friend change subjects so easily, “I’m doing wonderfully. Business is good, people love buying homes in the spring. So, I can’t really complain. Plus, I just hired a personal assistant that is really making my life easier”.

“Make sure to bring her by and introduce her to our fabulous coffee!” And with that, Becky turned and headed off. Alexis could hear her humming under her breath to her own melody. Becky never stayed and chatted long. It always seemed that she was heading somewhere, but had no idea where.

Alexis continued walking towards ‘The Long Ride’, wondering who else was out and about this afternoon. As she fell back into her stride, her thoughts came back to Jackson. Wondering where he was this very moment, if he still looked as good, and if he even remebered her. Realistically, she knew that he probably did, but also knew that he probably still thought she was 15.