Alexis grabbed her coffee grounds and filter from the shelf above the coffee maker. She measured out enough grounds for 2 cups of coffee and placed them in the filter. She filled the coffee maker with water, dropped the filter in the top, closed the lid and pressed start. While she was waiting for it to brew, she opened her fridge door. She always kept it packed with her favorite foods so it was easy for her to cook. The only thing she never kept in her fridge was meat, as she liked going to the butcher each day, to see what looked good, so she always got what she was craving that day. Her friends always teased her that if it was a necessity for cooking, it was in her kitchen. Her one guilty pleasure that she was never without was kettle corn popcorn, the mix of salty and sweet killed any craving. And of course, a few pieces of really high quality dark chocolate. No woman could ever live without chocolate.

This morning she was craving something with eggs. Looking through her supplies, she grabbed out 2 eggs, milk, shredded cheddar cheese, tomato, avocado and bacon. She chopped up the tomato and avocado while she tossed the bacon in the microwave. She whisked the eggs with a splash of milk in a bowl, pouring it into the frying pan, she turned on the burner. The timer on the bacon dinged, she pulled the plate out and broke the bacon into pieces. The edges of the egg had started to firm up, which meant it was time to add in the other ingredients. She tossed in the tomato, avocado, bacon and some shredded cheddar cheese. Grabbing the spatula, she began to fold them into the eggs. The smell of cooking food filled her kitchen, beginning to wake her up. She finished fixing her eggs and scooped them onto a plate. She poured herself a cup of coffee, added a little cream and sugar, and sat down to eat. She always ate breakfast at the island in the kitchen, which had a couple of stools for when people wanted to sit and visit while she was cooking. When she had friends over, they used the dining room, but when it was just her, there was no reason to. Plus, she loved the smell of her kitchen after she finished cooking. It always enhanced her meals, and she was closer to the coffee pot for refills.


Alexis finished washing out her hair, and rinsing off her body wash. She shut off the faucet, opened the glass door and grabbed her towel. Once she had dried enough, she stepped out of the shower, hung her towel on the rack and slipped her robe back over her shoulders. Walking back into her bedroom, she sat down at her vanity and ran a comb through her hair. She decided to wear it loose and wavy, and with the humidity in Texas, her waves would practically create themselves. She put a little of her favorite hair smoothing serum in her palm and ran it through her hair, it was all she needed to make sure it didn’t frizz. She picked up her powder brush, her morning make-up routine was minimal; she usually just wore a little powder, blush and mascara. Every once in while she would add a little eye shadow and eyeliner to perk her up a bit, especially after a night like she’d had last night. Putting on her deodorant and a splash of perfume, stood up, dropped her robe over her chair and walked into her closet.

She riffled through her blouses, trying to decide what she wanted to wear. It was going to be a warm day, so she figured she would wear a skirt and one of her lightweight short sleeve silk blouses. She selected a baby pink and white polka dotted blouse, a black pencil skirt and a pair of strappy black Jimmy Choo’s. Tossing the clothes onto her bed, she wandered to her lingerie drawer and picked out a white lace bra and panty set. She loved knowing that udnerneath her clothes, there was something a little sexy. She buttoned up her blouse, zipped her skirt and slipped on her shoes. Walking over to her mirror, she looked herself up and down. Not too sexy, but it flattered her shape. Satisfied, she grabbed her purse, cell phone and keys, and walked down to the kitchen.

Alexis grabbed her cell phone, just as the alarm went off. After 4 years of waking up at 6:30am every day, her body was pretty well trained to wake up the minute before her alarm. She had tried many different kinds of alarms, and her cell phone worked the best, it was loud, obnoxious and she could change it to different noises every day if she needed to. She turned off the alarm and set her phone back on the nightstand. Stepping out of bed, she wrapped her robe around her shoulders. It was a 3-quarter sleeve, thigh length, dark green, pure silk, traditional kimono robe her mother had given her 2 years ago, after her parents came back from a trip to Japan. She always kept it right next to her bed; the feeling of softness as she first woke up gave her a feeling of being pampered and was a good start to her day. Alexis walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water for her shower. While it was heating, she checked her reflection in the mirror, grabbed her tweezers and cleaned up a few stray hairs in her eyebrows. She was a firm believer in first impressions, and she had a bunch of meetings for potential buyers this morning. She knew it would bide her well to look her best.

The shower had reached the perfect temperature and Alexis opened the glass door and stepped in. She still had a little bit of a fuzzy head from the night before. Although she had gotten a lot of sleep, she was always a little out of it the morning after drinking. The feeling of the hot water and steam helped to loosen the fog but until she had her coffee, she wouldn’t be completely awake.