Alexis finished washing out her hair, and rinsing off her body wash. She shut off the faucet, opened the glass door and grabbed her towel. Once she had dried enough, she stepped out of the shower, hung her towel on the rack and slipped her robe back over her shoulders. Walking back into her bedroom, she sat down at her vanity and ran a comb through her hair. She decided to wear it loose and wavy, and with the humidity in Texas, her waves would practically create themselves. She put a little of her favorite hair smoothing serum in her palm and ran it through her hair, it was all she needed to make sure it didn’t frizz. She picked up her powder brush, her morning make-up routine was minimal; she usually just wore a little powder, blush and mascara. Every once in while she would add a little eye shadow and eyeliner to perk her up a bit, especially after a night like she’d had last night. Putting on her deodorant and a splash of perfume, stood up, dropped her robe over her chair and walked into her closet.

She riffled through her blouses, trying to decide what she wanted to wear. It was going to be a warm day, so she figured she would wear a skirt and one of her lightweight short sleeve silk blouses. She selected a baby pink and white polka dotted blouse, a black pencil skirt and a pair of strappy black Jimmy Choo’s. Tossing the clothes onto her bed, she wandered to her lingerie drawer and picked out a white lace bra and panty set. She loved knowing that udnerneath her clothes, there was something a little sexy. She buttoned up her blouse, zipped her skirt and slipped on her shoes. Walking over to her mirror, she looked herself up and down. Not too sexy, but it flattered her shape. Satisfied, she grabbed her purse, cell phone and keys, and walked down to the kitchen.


It had been good to talk to Valerie about Jackson, but she wasn’t really looking forward to running into him, a run in that was undeniable to happen. She shampooed and conditioned her hair and ran through her schedule in her head. She had a showing at 10:30 and 12:30 and 2:30, and a meeting with a potential seller at 4. She loved her busy days, especially when it was full of showings, walking through a beautifully decorated house always perked up her mood. Her own 3 bedroom, 2 bath home had been her second big purchase on her own – first was her 2006 Mustang GT in red. She had loved the car, and the house, the minute she saw them. She rarely bought anything that she wasn’t absolutely in love with.

She always kept her house spotless and decorated up to the highest trends. Of course she also mixed some of her favorite old comfortable furniture, but she wanted to feel like she was encased in beauty every time she came home. Out of the whole house, her bedroom and kitchen were her favorite parts of the house. She loved to cook, even though most of the time it was just for her. She tried a new recipe almost every day, and had a book of her favorites that was about 3 inches thick. During the holiday’s, she went all out, and loved hosting thanksgiving dinner for everyone.

The centerpiece of her bedroom was a large 4 poster cherry wood bed. Her comforter and pillows were all down, and the covers were in shades of green. When she curled up at night, the bed made her feel small and like a little girl again. The other aspect of her room that made the rest of her friends a little jealous was her walk-in closet. It was a 15 x 15 foot closet, packed with designer shoes and enough clothes to make sure she always had something new to wear.

Alexis grabbed her cell phone, just as the alarm went off. After 4 years of waking up at 6:30am every day, her body was pretty well trained to wake up the minute before her alarm. She had tried many different kinds of alarms, and her cell phone worked the best, it was loud, obnoxious and she could change it to different noises every day if she needed to. She turned off the alarm and set her phone back on the nightstand. Stepping out of bed, she wrapped her robe around her shoulders. It was a 3-quarter sleeve, thigh length, dark green, pure silk, traditional kimono robe her mother had given her 2 years ago, after her parents came back from a trip to Japan. She always kept it right next to her bed; the feeling of softness as she first woke up gave her a feeling of being pampered and was a good start to her day. Alexis walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water for her shower. While it was heating, she checked her reflection in the mirror, grabbed her tweezers and cleaned up a few stray hairs in her eyebrows. She was a firm believer in first impressions, and she had a bunch of meetings for potential buyers this morning. She knew it would bide her well to look her best.

The shower had reached the perfect temperature and Alexis opened the glass door and stepped in. She still had a little bit of a fuzzy head from the night before. Although she had gotten a lot of sleep, she was always a little out of it the morning after drinking. The feeling of the hot water and steam helped to loosen the fog but until she had her coffee, she wouldn’t be completely awake.

Here is a fabulous list of the 100 most common misused words and phrases.

Ok, so I figured that this article was appropriate in 3 ways.
1. After reading through these, I realized that I often misuse these words, phrases, etc
2. I misused at least a couple of these in my book (i always thought it was spitting image – but it’s actually spit and image)
3. When you are drinking, you tend to mispronounce them even more and since It’s Cinco de Mayo, I am going out to have a couple drinks (so I will probably be mispronouncing a few tonight).

Happy Cinco….Chapter 3 starts tomorrow!

John broke the silence first, “Did either of you see the draft this week? I was surprised by some of the picks, and the not picked”.

Jackson nodded, “Yeah, I was too. It will be a really interesting season I think.”

Clark chimed in, “The pre-season games will definitely be revealing”. Once the conversation of sports had started, the guys were able to maintain a solid conversation. They paused as their drinks arrived and to order food, other than that, they maintained a solid conversation that rotated from football, to cheerleaders, to women and back to sports.

Two hours later, the men were stuffed; a little buzzed, and had gotten to know each other a little bit better. The three argued over whose company card it was to go on, settling on Jackson’s, as he picked the restaurant. Once that was settled, they all got up and headed back to the hotel. After a fairly quiet walk back, they parted ways to their own rooms, planning on meeting at the new office at 8:30am Monday morning. Jackson was looking forward to having 3 days to get settled, see his parents and his horse. He was hoping he’d be able to get a good start on his house hunt as well.

Jackson stuck the key in his door, ready to hit the hay, and hoping avoid too much jet lag in the morning. The room was cool, he had left the air conditioning on before he left, one of the perks of not paying the electric bill. He tossed his shoes into the corner, too tired to actually put them away. He stripped off his close and slid in the cool sheets. Setting his alarm on his cell phone, he hit the light and relaxed into sleep as his head hit the pillow.

The three approached the counter, “We have reservations, under Taylor”. Jackson looked at the hostess; she was younger, probably in just about 22, but very cute. He smiled, maybe Texas wouldn’t be too bad.

“Right this way gentlemen”, as she led the way he couldn’t help but glance at her rear end, he had always been a butt guy. He looked at the other two; they were doing the same thing. She paused at a table and waited for them to sit. As she handed Jackson his menu, she winked. Texas was definitely going to be better than he thought. When she walked away, Clark was first to speak, “She was cute! Good thing my fiancé wasn’t here to see me looking”.

John nodded in agreement, “Yeah, my wife would have killed me if she caught me staring”. They both looked at Jackson to hear his response.

“Oh, I’m free to look – and touch. I’m single, my girlfriend and I split when I came here. I wasn’t really ready to settle down, and so she decided to end things”. Jackson got quiet as he ended his sentence. He really didn’t want to be thinking about Leslie tonight. Luckily, the server walked up at that moment.

“Good evening gentlemen, can I start you with something to drink?” All three nodded vigorously.
“I’ll have a gin and tonic, Bombay sapphire”, John spoke up first. Jackson looked at John as he ordered his drink; he seemed like a gin and tonic type of guy.

Clark ordered next, “Heffeweizen, please”. Jackson knew he was going to like this guy already, beer guys we always the easiest to talk to.

“I’ll take a Sam Adams, thanks”. Jackson smiled; a beer would mellow him out from the flight. Once the server left with their order, the table went quiet.

I am absolutely ecstatic…I have a new car 🙂 After 4 hours at the dealership…i have a new ’08 Mustang GT!my new car

so, now onto the romance novel. I think now that insurance has been settled, I have a new car, and there really isn’t anything else in my life that I can compalin about (shock!), i should be able to get my writing ability back. I no longer have mind blocks…so let my words start flowing again. I swear, Jackson and Alexis have been yelling at me since i’m making them wait to get on with their lives. Sorry guys, I’m back to normal now :). stay tuned for more Riding with Lucifer