So I know that I have a lot to do still before I am actually ready to have a book cover, but these are the ideas that I have so far for the cover anyway! 🙂 Let me know what you think and whether either of these fit with what I have been writing. Or, if you have better ideas, let me know. I can be pretty creative with photoshop, but I need to have other ideas. OR!!! if any of you are photographers or have friends that are photograpers, I would love to get some pictures taken for me of what I need. Thanks for your help and your opinions!

Possible Book CoverPossible other book cover


Title: ‘The Long Ride’

Last line: ‘Every mile, every bump and every hurdle was worth it. The long ride wasn’t over, but it had a much better destination.’

So…I realized that I may not like the title i have chosen. Or I might… i just don’t know. So I am trying to think of new titles for the book, so I am adding a new category that is going to be possible titles that I come up with. Or that people can suggest for me 😉

so…here are my first couple ideas (with the help of my husband):


“In the throws of Rakesford”

“Horses and Hearts”