Hey everyone! thanks for reading my blog – but I have reached a point in my book that I think is a good stopping point for the ‘online’ arena. I feel that if I get much further online, I may write myself out of the chance to get published. So, I have decided to pull it offline and continue writing it that way. When I finish the manuscript, the blog will start back up, following me on the road to getting represented and published. So, stay tuned! My goal is to have the first draft of the manuscript finished by the end of the year, so you should be hearing from be starting in ’09!


Here is a fabulous list of the 100 most common misused words and phrases.

Ok, so I figured that this article was appropriate in 3 ways.
1. After reading through these, I realized that I often misuse these words, phrases, etc
2. I misused at least a couple of these in my book (i always thought it was spitting image – but it’s actually spit and image)
3. When you are drinking, you tend to mispronounce them even more and since It’s Cinco de Mayo, I am going out to have a couple drinks (so I will probably be mispronouncing a few tonight).

Happy Cinco….Chapter 3 starts tomorrow!

I am absolutely ecstatic…I have a new car 🙂 After 4 hours at the dealership…i have a new ’08 Mustang GT!my new car

so, now onto the romance novel. I think now that insurance has been settled, I have a new car, and there really isn’t anything else in my life that I can compalin about (shock!), i should be able to get my writing ability back. I no longer have mind blocks…so let my words start flowing again. I swear, Jackson and Alexis have been yelling at me since i’m making them wait to get on with their lives. Sorry guys, I’m back to normal now :). stay tuned for more Riding with Lucifer

Last night, driving home from dinner, our car lost traction around a corner and put us and my mustang into a tree. The tree hit at the left headlight and down the drivers side of the car, shattering the windshield, destroying the door, and so much more that don’t want to think about.  Steve has a few gashes from the glass and I have some severe bruising, but we’re both alive, and safe. So right now, I am thanking god that steve and I are both ok. Now, I am not religious, don’t go to church, and don’t pray. But this morning, I know that there is someone there looking out for us. And I am praying and saying thank you. Thank you God, for protecting my husband and me.

My romance mind will return…once we get all of this sorted out.

OK, so I am not sure what to call what I am dealing with tonight. I have ideas of what I want to write about, actually I have the entire scene between Jackson and his new co-workers – Names to be Clark Worthington [the nice guy] and James Peterson [the stuffed-shirt guy] written in my head. (It’s going to be really good…)But, I don’t feel like typing it all out! So I can’t really concider what I am going through writer’s block – or can I?

It is writers block, because I i don’t feel like writing (although I am writing now, so…) But it’s not, because I know what I want to write about, but I don’t feel like writing.

I guess the best way to word what I am going through is ‘desire-to-write block’

Anyone else ever have this? and how do you convince yourself to write anyway?

So I was talking to my husband and he asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to. Mind you, this is extremely rare, as my mother will tell you I know everything! *note the extreme sacrasm* 

Anyway, he asked me “At what point are you going to pull your book off-line? Cause if it were me, if I could read the whole book, even just the first draft, I wouldn’t buy it” – Ignoring the fact that my husband said he wasn’t going to buy my book – he made a valid point. At what point have I written myself out of the ooportunity to get published? Obviously, that is the end result. I want to see my name in print, my book on shelves and listed in the top 10 best sellers for 12 weeks in a row (ok, so the last one might be a bit of a pipe dream) but you get the idea. With that in mind, I also want to give those who have been interested in what I am doing the ability to see the entire, un-edited first draft completed.

So here comes the question…

If I complete the entire book online (mind you it would be the first draft and multiple, multiple multiple edits are to come)…. Would you buy the actual book? ?

I just read a post on a blog that I enjoy turning to for advice on breaking through writing roadblocks. She wrote a post about writing and why she writes. I often get asked by friends, family and sometimes the random person, why I feel the need to write. I always tell them ‘words are a part of me, if i don’t get them on paper, I feel like i’m not whole’. The Unblocked Writer was much more eloquent, and so I feel I must share her response to “Why do you write”?  

So, why do you write??

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