June 2008

Hey everyone! thanks for reading my blog – but I have reached a point in my book that I think is a good stopping point for the ‘online’ arena. I feel that if I get much further online, I may write myself out of the chance to get published. So, I have decided to pull it offline and continue writing it that way. When I finish the manuscript, the blog will start back up, following me on the road to getting represented and published. So, stay tuned! My goal is to have the first draft of the manuscript finished by the end of the year, so you should be hearing from be starting in ’09!


She couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried to find words, but her mouth had gone dry. He was more handsome than she remembered, if that was even possible. He had grown an inch or so she figured, and guessed he stood at about 6’3” now. He still had dark brown hair, but he kept it a little shorter than he had when he was living in Texas. It was still a little unkempt, but fit his face. His eyes still shone a gorgeous deep blue, and she could feel them staring at her. He was dressed in khaki shorts, a white polo shirt and flip flops. She could see that he had maintained his physique; his arms looked great in his shirt, and she could only imagine the rest of him.

“Hi Jackson.” She had regained her composure and felt her heart rate go back to normal. “I had expected my assistant back with coffee, you surprised me.” Just then, there was another knock at her door, this time it was her assistant, coffee in hand. She handed Alex her coffee and slipped out the door, shooting Alex a ‘who is he?!’ look before it closed. “Like I said”, Alex commented, pointing to her coffee.

“Sorry to just barge in here, but this was the only real estate office I knew in town. But I didn’t know you worked here until I saw your name on the door. I thought your dad was still running the place?” Jackson paused to let her answer.

“He retired when I finished school, and I took over the office for him.” She glanced at the clock, 9:30. She was basically ready for the appointment, but she didn’t want Jackson here when the Samuels showed up. He made her nervous, and the last thing she needed when she was trying to sell a $5 million dollar house was to be nervous. “So I am assuming you stopped by for a reason?” She realized that had come out much ruder than she expected.

“Oh, sorry. Yes, I got transferred to Austin to open the new office for my marketing agency, but don’t want to live in the city. I was hoping to find a house here. And I was hoping your dad could help me. But, I guess it’s I was hoping you could help me?” He smiled at her and she felt her crush coming back again, he was so adorable when he smiled.

“Not a problem, why don’t you sit down with my assistant and go through what you are looking for. She will let me know what you want and I will set up some house tours for next week, if that works?” Alexis pulled up her calendar to see what she had available. “I have time next Friday?”

Jackson shook his head, “We are opening the office on Monday and the next month is going to be crazy, trying to find new hires and get the business going. I was really hoping to find and buy a house this weekend.”

Alex looked at him, “Well, my schedule is pretty booked, but I do have between 2pm and 5pm tomorrow.” She had planned to use that time to catch up on some back paperwork and research for other clients. If it had been anyone else she would have told him tough luck, and he’d have to wait a week. But she just couldn’t say no to him.

“Great! So should we go through what I am looking for?” Jackson went to sit down in one of the chairs opposite Alex.

“Oh, no, I have an appointment in 20 minutes. Like I said, sit down with my assistant Sarah and you can tell her what you are looking for. When I get back later this afternoon I will go through what you want and pull some houses for Saturday. We will meet her at 2pm and I will take you around”. Alexis smiled at him.

“Okay, and thanks again for making time for me. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Jackson stopped talking and stood there, like he was waiting for something.

Alexis reached her hand out to shake his, assuming that was what he was looking for. He looked at her hand like it was a foreign object, “Alexis Venn! I have known you since you were born, and you are going to shake my hand? I can handle being put off until tomorrow,” Jackson winked, “but I will not handle a hand shake like I am some random guy looking for a home!” He stepped around the desk and lifted her out of the chair in a big bear hug. He set her down and stepped back, “look at you, all grown up!” He laughed. Alexis cringed. She was not a little girl, and she sure as hell didn’t want him thinking of her that way. “Although, I never pictured you as a pink girl” Jackson said, looking at her pink blouse.

“It has been 9 years since you’ve seen me; things tend to change in that period of time.” She stepped back from him and put a hand on her hip. Jackson couldn’t help thinking she was right. The woman standing in front of him was definitely not the Alexis Venn he remembered. She was a cute girl when they were growing up, but she was definitely a woman now, and a very attractive woman at that. He had expected to see her father sitting behind the desk when he walked in, seeing her name on the door had surprised him, but not nearly as much as seeing the woman that was sitting behind the desk.

“I hope you haven’t changed too much, you were always so sweet to me.” He smiled at her, trying to shake the thoughts of her more adult body, and gorgeous face out of his head.

“Ha, thanks Jackson,” She decided that it was better if she ended this conversation before her appointment showed up, “I will see you tomorrow. I have to finish getting ready for my appointment.” She opened the door to let him out into the main office. “Sarah, can you sit down with Mr. Taylor and get the details of what he is looking for? I will talk with you about the houses when I get back later today”.

“Sure Alexis, I will put the parameters on your desk.” Jackson looked back at Alex and sat down in the chair in front of Sarah. Alex shut the door and could hear Jackson introduce himself as an old friend of hers. Right, a friend, great.

She sat back down at her desk and put her head in her hands. She needed to get her composure back. Her breathing slowed down and she started going back through her emails. A few minutes later, her 10am arrived and she walked back into the main office. Jackson was still sitting and talking with Sarah about floor plans and square footage. She said hello to the Samuels and led them out the door.

The rest of the day passed as a blur. The Samuels offered the full $5 million on the house, even willing to go as high as $6 if need be and the rest of her appointments went well too. But, despite the good day, all she could think about was Jackson and how good he looked. He would be in the next day to house hunt, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to handle an entire day with him.