It had been good to talk to Valerie about Jackson, but she wasn’t really looking forward to running into him, a run in that was undeniable to happen. She shampooed and conditioned her hair and ran through her schedule in her head. She had a showing at 10:30 and 12:30 and 2:30, and a meeting with a potential seller at 4. She loved her busy days, especially when it was full of showings, walking through a beautifully decorated house always perked up her mood. Her own 3 bedroom, 2 bath home had been her second big purchase on her own – first was her 2006 Mustang GT in red. She had loved the car, and the house, the minute she saw them. She rarely bought anything that she wasn’t absolutely in love with.

She always kept her house spotless and decorated up to the highest trends. Of course she also mixed some of her favorite old comfortable furniture, but she wanted to feel like she was encased in beauty every time she came home. Out of the whole house, her bedroom and kitchen were her favorite parts of the house. She loved to cook, even though most of the time it was just for her. She tried a new recipe almost every day, and had a book of her favorites that was about 3 inches thick. During the holiday’s, she went all out, and loved hosting thanksgiving dinner for everyone.

The centerpiece of her bedroom was a large 4 poster cherry wood bed. Her comforter and pillows were all down, and the covers were in shades of green. When she curled up at night, the bed made her feel small and like a little girl again. The other aspect of her room that made the rest of her friends a little jealous was her walk-in closet. It was a 15 x 15 foot closet, packed with designer shoes and enough clothes to make sure she always had something new to wear.