John broke the silence first, “Did either of you see the draft this week? I was surprised by some of the picks, and the not picked”.

Jackson nodded, “Yeah, I was too. It will be a really interesting season I think.”

Clark chimed in, “The pre-season games will definitely be revealing”. Once the conversation of sports had started, the guys were able to maintain a solid conversation. They paused as their drinks arrived and to order food, other than that, they maintained a solid conversation that rotated from football, to cheerleaders, to women and back to sports.

Two hours later, the men were stuffed; a little buzzed, and had gotten to know each other a little bit better. The three argued over whose company card it was to go on, settling on Jackson’s, as he picked the restaurant. Once that was settled, they all got up and headed back to the hotel. After a fairly quiet walk back, they parted ways to their own rooms, planning on meeting at the new office at 8:30am Monday morning. Jackson was looking forward to having 3 days to get settled, see his parents and his horse. He was hoping he’d be able to get a good start on his house hunt as well.

Jackson stuck the key in his door, ready to hit the hay, and hoping avoid too much jet lag in the morning. The room was cool, he had left the air conditioning on before he left, one of the perks of not paying the electric bill. He tossed his shoes into the corner, too tired to actually put them away. He stripped off his close and slid in the cool sheets. Setting his alarm on his cell phone, he hit the light and relaxed into sleep as his head hit the pillow.