The three approached the counter, “We have reservations, under Taylor”. Jackson looked at the hostess; she was younger, probably in just about 22, but very cute. He smiled, maybe Texas wouldn’t be too bad.

“Right this way gentlemen”, as she led the way he couldn’t help but glance at her rear end, he had always been a butt guy. He looked at the other two; they were doing the same thing. She paused at a table and waited for them to sit. As she handed Jackson his menu, she winked. Texas was definitely going to be better than he thought. When she walked away, Clark was first to speak, “She was cute! Good thing my fiancé wasn’t here to see me looking”.

John nodded in agreement, “Yeah, my wife would have killed me if she caught me staring”. They both looked at Jackson to hear his response.

“Oh, I’m free to look – and touch. I’m single, my girlfriend and I split when I came here. I wasn’t really ready to settle down, and so she decided to end things”. Jackson got quiet as he ended his sentence. He really didn’t want to be thinking about Leslie tonight. Luckily, the server walked up at that moment.

“Good evening gentlemen, can I start you with something to drink?” All three nodded vigorously.
“I’ll have a gin and tonic, Bombay sapphire”, John spoke up first. Jackson looked at John as he ordered his drink; he seemed like a gin and tonic type of guy.

Clark ordered next, “Heffeweizen, please”. Jackson knew he was going to like this guy already, beer guys we always the easiest to talk to.

“I’ll take a Sam Adams, thanks”. Jackson smiled; a beer would mellow him out from the flight. Once the server left with their order, the table went quiet.