OK, so I am not sure what to call what I am dealing with tonight. I have ideas of what I want to write about, actually I have the entire scene between Jackson and his new co-workers – Names to be Clark Worthington [the nice guy] and James Peterson [the stuffed-shirt guy] written in my head. (It’s going to be really good…)But, I don’t feel like typing it all out! So I can’t really concider what I am going through writer’s block – or can I?

It is writers block, because I i don’t feel like writing (although I am writing now, so…) But it’s not, because I know what I want to write about, but I don’t feel like writing.

I guess the best way to word what I am going through is ‘desire-to-write block’

Anyone else ever have this? and how do you convince yourself to write anyway?