He pulled his shades out of his briefcase, slipped them on and walked out of the airport and onto the sidewalk. The power of the Texas heat and humidity stopped him in his tracks. The sun felt like it was reaching through his skin and to his core. He had expected it to be hot, but he hadn’t remembered how hot. When he left Los Angeles, it was sunny and 68 degrees, the perfect temperature for spring weather. Here it felt like it was in the high 80’s, with about 90% humidity. By the time he got across the street to the rental agency, he could feel his shirt sticking to his body. He walked into the rental car office, the cool air conditioning felt amazing. Luckily, it was fairly empty in the office and he walked right up to the counter.

“Good afternoon, last name please” The counter lady looked up at him and he handed her his paperwork, driver’s license, insurance and company credit card. “Thanks, your company has already taken care of picking a car for you. I just need to enter everything into our system. I’ll have everything ready in just a minute”. He looked around the office while she typed his information into the computer. A few of the other travelers from his flight had begun to come in to pick up their cars too. “Here you go Mr. Taylor, you’re all set,” she handed him the keys to his rental car, “just walk out the doors and turn to your right. It’s in space 17”. He walked out front and was pleased to see that his boss had rented him a convertible Mustang. His boss and he had discussed cars often enough, it was nice to see that he remembered. He hadn’t really thought about leasing a Mustang, but it was a possibility. He tossed his bags in the trunk and slid into the driver’s seat. The seat leather was hot, but luckily they kept the cars in a garage, so they weren’t in direct sunlight. The minute he turned it on, he cranked the AC up full blast and cracked the windows, letting the heat escape.