Jackson opened his eyes and looked out the window. At cruising altitude it looked like they were floating through the clouds. The man to his right was engrossed in the book he was reading, something about politics and business. Despite Jackson’s business successes, he was never one to read business books for fun. He had enough of the business world when he was at work. He decided he ought to close his eyes, as he had about 3 more hours on the plane.

“Flight attendants please prepare for landing”. The captain’s voice over the intercom system jolted him awake. “Wow, I guess I was more tired than I thought”, Jackson muttered to himself. He rarely slept on planes, let alone for 3 hours, unless he was exhausted. He looked out the window again. This time he could see them descending through the clouds and Texas coming into view. It was a sight that, surprisingly, made him smile and warmed his heart a little. Maybe this was going to be a good change for him. Somewhere he knew he loved once, and was sure he could love again. Somewhere he could further his career even more. Somewhere to clear his head and forget about the stress of his failed relationship. The landing was a little jerky, but at least they had made it safe and in one piece. The fasten seatbelt sign turned off as they pulled up to the gate. Everything from his house in California was going to be shipped to Texas once he bought a house there. The realtor was the second thing on his list, right after he got to the hotel and took a shower. He always hated the feeling he got after being on a plane for 4 hours. He stood up and grabbed his briefcase out of the overhead bin. He slipped his mp3 player in and pulled out his cell phone, powering it back on. The minute the screen was up it beeped to tell him he had a message. Just as he was about to check who had called, the phone began to ring. Garth Brooks, “Friends in low places”. The ringtone for his best friend Greg.

Jackson clicked answer, “Hey man, I just landed, what’s up?”