April 2008

I am absolutely ecstatic…I have a new car 🙂 After 4 hours at the dealership…i have a new ’08 Mustang GT!my new car

so, now onto the romance novel. I think now that insurance has been settled, I have a new car, and there really isn’t anything else in my life that I can compalin about (shock!), i should be able to get my writing ability back. I no longer have mind blocks…so let my words start flowing again. I swear, Jackson and Alexis have been yelling at me since i’m making them wait to get on with their lives. Sorry guys, I’m back to normal now :). stay tuned for more Riding with Lucifer


So I am slowly getting back into the mood to write. There isn’t much to this post, because I couldn’t really get my mind flowing like I hoped. I just wanted to try to start…i’ve heard that the best way to get back into writing is just to write. I am hoping that by the end of the week, I will have my creativity back.

The concierge confirmed that Samuels, the restaurant he had been thinking of, was still in business and reserved a table for their party. Jackson walked back over and let the men know they were ready to head to dinner. “Thanks for taking care of plans for us”, Clark smiled and headed towards the door. They all walked out into the still, warm evening air and headed into downtown, towards Samuels. The walk was quiet, the men still sizing each other up, determining who felt that they were the leader. Jackson broke the silence, “So John, how was your flight out?”

“It was really easy, but I actually got here a couple days ago, I wanted to have a little bit of time to get settled before we got down to business. My wife and son are starting to look for homes.” John looked at Clark, “When did you arrive?”

“I flew in today, like Jackson, but I arrived about 6 hours ago. I have just been trying to get adjusted to the heat. Chicago isn’t this warm during the spring.” Clark laughed. They arrived at the restaurant, and Jackson held the door for the others to walk in.

Last night, driving home from dinner, our car lost traction around a corner and put us and my mustang into a tree. The tree hit at the left headlight and down the drivers side of the car, shattering the windshield, destroying the door, and so much more that don’t want to think about.  Steve has a few gashes from the glass and I have some severe bruising, but we’re both alive, and safe. So right now, I am thanking god that steve and I are both ok. Now, I am not religious, don’t go to church, and don’t pray. But this morning, I know that there is someone there looking out for us. And I am praying and saying thank you. Thank you God, for protecting my husband and me.

My romance mind will return…once we get all of this sorted out.

He flipped through the channels, landed on Sports Center and left it there. Leaning his head back against the wall, he thought back to his horse, Stone. Stone, a Palomino Quarter Horse, was just a year old when Jackson’s parents surprised him for his birthday. Now at 15, Stone was a strong, well trained, and great to ride. His parents had kept Stone stabled and trained while Jackson was in California and he was excited to get to ride Stone again. Jackson remembered riding him all over Rakesford, and especially down the lake trails. Thinking about riding to the lake, he wondered if Alexis Venn was still living in town. She had been the only one in Rakesford that could give him a run for his money on horseback. He meant to ask his parents about her, but it always slipped his mind. When he visited them tomorrow, he would have to ask. Sitting upright, he checked the clock again, 5:30. Time for him to get cleaned up to meet his new co-workers.

25 minutes later, Jackson was slipping his wallet and cell phone into his jeans pocket and heading out his hotel room door. He hoped that jeans and a button up were ‘cleaned up’ enough for these guys. The Los Angeles office was fairly laid back, but he didn’t know how the others were run. When the elevator doors opened on the lobby, he saw 2 gentlemen standing at the concierge desk – in jeans and polo shirts too. They both looked a little uncomfortable, trying to make small talk with one another. He knew they were from different offices, but assumed they might have met before. Although, he hadn’t met either one, so he wasn’t sure where his assumption had come from. One looked like he was in his late 20’s like Jackson, probably about 6’ tall, with a shaved head. The other looked more like his mid 40’s, graying brown hair and only about 5’6”.

“Hello gentlemen, I’m Jackson Taylor from the LA office”, Jackson extended his hand to the man on the right of him first, which happened to be the older one. They shook hands. He had a good grip, but it was obvious from the way he held that he felt he needed to maintain control of situations.

“Good evening Jackson, I’m John Peterson from the Miami office and this”, John gestured at the younger man, “is Clark Worthington from the Chicago office”.

“Hi Jackson”, Clark extended his hand, “and thank you for the introduction, John. As he said, I am from the Chicago office, and I was brought here as the Client Manager. John was telling me that he is the new Human Resources Manager, so I assuming that you are the new Creative Manager?”

“That would be correct. Bruce said that we were to co-manage all hiring, but that we would each be the managers of our own departments once we found the new employees. Unless you guys are in desperate need to get started tomorrow, I figured we could take a 3-day weekend to get settled and start business on Monday?” Jackson waited for a response.

Clark grinned and smiled, he could tell Jackson and he was on the same page. “Sure, sounds good.”
Jackson sensed John’s hesitation, but heard him say, “Yeah, that’s okay”. John obviously was more determined to get started immediately.

With that settled, Jackson decided to see if the guys were ready to get dinner. He was starved after his flight. “So, are we ready to head to dinner? There is a great steak place that I know of about a block and a half away – if it’s still here. We can walk there, if that’s okay with you both?” They both looked at him, a little confused. “Oh, sorry, I grew up in Rakesford, which is about 20 minutes from Austin. I moved out to California 9 years ago.” Jackson’s explanation lifted the puzzlement from their faces. He continued, “I’ll check with the concierge and make sure the place I’m thinking of is still in business.”

OK, so I am not sure what to call what I am dealing with tonight. I have ideas of what I want to write about, actually I have the entire scene between Jackson and his new co-workers – Names to be Clark Worthington [the nice guy] and James Peterson [the stuffed-shirt guy] written in my head. (It’s going to be really good…)But, I don’t feel like typing it all out! So I can’t really concider what I am going through writer’s block – or can I?

It is writers block, because I i don’t feel like writing (although I am writing now, so…) But it’s not, because I know what I want to write about, but I don’t feel like writing.

I guess the best way to word what I am going through is ‘desire-to-write block’

Anyone else ever have this? and how do you convince yourself to write anyway?

*So after reviewing some of the comments on Chpt. 1, I realized that I never described what Alex looked like now, or what valerie looked like. So, I added to the actual chapter (click here to read the entire chapter with the new additions) and am putting the description of the girls here too. 🙂*

Now at 24, Alexis had become a beautiful woman. She had grown a couple inches and now stood at 5’6”, although she was rarely without some heel, even in her riding boots. Her brown hair was longer, falling at her mid back, and the time she spent in the sun had given her natural highlights. Her soft waves had turned into soft curls, and she most often wore it loose, with just enough styling to keep in from frizzing in the Texas humidity. Her green eyes still had the sparkle of a young girl, excited by everything they saw, but with a hint of experience and growth. She’d always hated the gym, but stayed in shape from riding and walking by the lake, and loved the fact that she had ‘curves’. So did all the men in town. She tended to capture attention everywhere she went, as she carried herself with poise and confidence that added to her natural beauty. Alexis didn’t know Jackson’s type, but she hoped that the woman she was now might capture his attention.
Valerie was hard to miss, as she attracted attention everywhere she was. Standing at only 5’2”, most would assume it was easy for her to get lost in the crowd. But her stunning looks made sure that wasn’t possible. Valerie was a petite blue-eyed blonde that looked like she just walked off the beach in Hawaii, but with the attitude of a true Texan. Her straight blonde hair was shoulder length and flattered her face shape perfectly. And, unlike Alex, Val worked out every day; she always said it was the best place to meet guys, and she always did.

So I was talking to my husband and he asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to. Mind you, this is extremely rare, as my mother will tell you I know everything! *note the extreme sacrasm* 

Anyway, he asked me “At what point are you going to pull your book off-line? Cause if it were me, if I could read the whole book, even just the first draft, I wouldn’t buy it” – Ignoring the fact that my husband said he wasn’t going to buy my book – he made a valid point. At what point have I written myself out of the ooportunity to get published? Obviously, that is the end result. I want to see my name in print, my book on shelves and listed in the top 10 best sellers for 12 weeks in a row (ok, so the last one might be a bit of a pipe dream) but you get the idea. With that in mind, I also want to give those who have been interested in what I am doing the ability to see the entire, un-edited first draft completed.

So here comes the question…

If I complete the entire book online (mind you it would be the first draft and multiple, multiple multiple edits are to come)…. Would you buy the actual book? ?

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