Hey all!!

Hope your weekend was great! We were so busy, but it was fabulous. We went out Friday night to the bar to watch the NCAA games. We drank way too much and played shuffleboard and then Saturday we actually got to go to a couple of the games in Anaheim. This is us at the games before the Stanford/Marquette game! NCAA game

The Stanford Tree is f*ing hysterical dancing, btw. We could not stop laughing watching him! After the games, we went out for one of our friends bdays and i kicked butt at air hockey! oh yeah, even beat the guys!!

On Sunday, we spent the day with both families. In the morning, we were at Steve’s parents place, doing a $$ easter egg hunt…so much fun! Then we headed to my parents and I died my hair red!

I'm a redhead!

So, this week’s posts are going to be just some separate scene ideas that I have. I need to get more outlined before I can continue writing by chapters. I feel like if i don’t get everything outlined, I will lose track of where I am going. I have it about 70% finished, so it shouldn’t take me more than a few hours (i hope!) Then, this weekend I am going to sit down and lock myself away for a couple of hours to get the outline done (i’m sure this will include blaring music, a bottle of wine and some really good munchies). If you have any ideas of where the characters seem like they might head or what you would like to see, let me know. I will be taking a look at all comments this weekend. I am getting great feedback, so thanks to everyone who has left me their thoughts (and the one of you that quoted lines to me! lol) It is so exciting for me to see this dream starting to come to fruition. I have been dreaming for years that I would be able to get this book up and running and I can’t believe that I really have the prologue and chapter 1 basically finished. It’s nerve wracking but so exhilerating!! Anyway, headed to our friends for dinner and movie night!

❤ KW