As the music continued its rhythmic seduction, the rest of their group seemed to fade to the background. Even with her back to him, she could feel the heat of his gaze. She didn’t dare step back into him closer, she didn’t need to feel the heat of his body against her too. As if reading her mind, he placed his hand on her curved hip and they swayed to the music. She turned her head to look at him and for a moment, their eyes locked. The electricity that shot through her was more powerful than she as prepared for. She turned her head back, knowing if she kept his gaze she would lose all control.

His mind was racing, she had captured his attention and adoration. But, in this moment, she was capturing his desire more than any woman had previously been able to do. When she turned to look at him, it had taken all his strength not to kiss her luscious lips. He wanted to feel her kiss, feel her yield to his power. When she turned her head back he felt her hair brush past his face. her hair tempted and teased him, moving as she did. He wanted to run his hands through her locks, see her smile up at him as he made her his.

His thought process was interrupted as she turned to face him. Dancing with her back had been difficult enough, but to look at her beautiful face, watch every inch of her body moving as she danced was pure torture. He could control his desire no further and grazed his lips over hers.

As his lips touched hers, she felt a rush of sexual energy that floored her. She was too stunned to even kiss him back. When he looked at her, he could see the surprise in her eyes. he didn’t know what to think, whether she was in a pleased silence or a stunned shock. His question was answered as she leaned up and he could feel her breath in his ear.

“If you’re willing to try that again, i promise to make it worth it”. That was all he needed to know. He grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor.

“Follow me, I’d rather be away from prying eyes”. He could barely speak for the desire building. They wound their way through the crowd and out into the cool night air. Outside of ‘The Long Ride’ was empty, as everyone was still inside drinking and dancing.

They took a few steps down the sidewalk and he paused. In one step he had her wrapped into his arms and pressed his lips to hers. This time she responded, kissing him back with all the intensity she could muster. She felt his strength, his mouth, his heat and had there not been a wall behind her, she might not have been able to stand. They stayed locked in embrace as he explored her mouth with his. Nibbling on her lower lip he could feel her moan into his mouth. All he could think about was making her feel his desire through this kiss. He ran his hands up her back and buried them into her curls, pulling her even closer against him. He could feel the tightening of his jeans and knew she could too. The fire between them had become a raging inferno with an endless supply of open terrain.

He pulled away and looked into her green eyes. Her face had become flushed with desire. He smiled ant her and she responded by pulling his mouth back to hers, wanting to feel his lips on her again. She had wanted him so long and to have him here, open arms, needing her too, was a moment she wasn’t ready to give up. As their passion continued to build,they dropped from reality. All that existed was the two of them, joined in lip-lock, desperate to get the most from each other.

Their bubble was broken as the noises of the bar patrons spilling onto the sidewalk reached their ears. Closing time. Rather than risk the gossip, they grabbed hands and ran like teenagers away from the bar. The moment they were out of sight of the neon sign, he had her again, against the wall, hands in her hair, lips against the soft flesh of her neck. She responded with wanton desire, turning her head to allow him better access.

He loved the smell, the feel and the taste of her. She made him feel alive and powerful holding her in his arms. AS he slid his kisses up the curve of her neck and behind her ear, he becam lost in her womanly scent. Sweet from her perfume, salty from the heat of dancing and something all her own, a scent he would never forget after tonight. He kissed the soft flesh behind his ear and then back to her mouth.

She ran her hands down his back and into his back pockets. She felt his firm muscles and pulled him to her, loving the heat radiating between them. It was only after he had stopped covering her neck and mouth in passionate kisses that she was able to regain herself and remember they were still outside. Still downtown. And still close enough to be found.