Hello all!

So I know that this post will have absolutely nothing to do with the novel, but I wanted to let everyone know that I was having a fabulous time in Orlando (other than missing my husband more than words can express. It is our first time apart for more than 1 night since we’ve been married…i know, i know, as my mother would say ‘gag me with a spoon’, but give me a break, we’re newlyweds still! :)).

I am here for my first (of many) Microsoft Convergence Seminars. It is extremely high energy and utterly exhausting…but wonderful at the same time. I have gotten my creative juices flowing (both for busines and the book) quite a bit from the trip as I have met some interesting characters. I actually think that I met the real life version of Tony (Alexis’ ex and bartender at ‘The Long Ride’). It gave me ideas for continuing details of their story and maybe even some exciting plot twists!! 😉 I am right now standing, surrounded by almost 10,000 (ok, not surrounded, but we’re all in the same building) Microsoft partners, customers, etc…It’s a tad insane. Obviously, there are banks and banks of computers…which is why I am sending this now. We have another seminar starting in 10 minutes, but I needed to give my brain a break from technology for a few minutes (as I have already sat through 4 seminars and have 2 more to go tonight and then a few tomorrow as well..). I am also hoping to find a few more people that can give me some ‘inspiration’ for my characters.

Unfortunately, i am not getting to go see much fun stuff while we are here (i would love to have gotten to go to Disneyworld…as i still adore Minnie Mouse (hence the picture…). But, we are having a huge party Tuesday night and we are taking over the ENTIRE Citywalk at Universal…so that should be an innebriating and networking good time!

Anyway…that is all, and I am planning on having chapter 1 completed and posted by the end of next week…I had hoped it would be this week, but I kind of forgot that I would be out of town until thursday…