She lifted her shades and saw Valerie waving at her from a corner of the bar. She weaved her way through the tables, smiling and waving at the some of the others that she knew. . Looking around, she couldn’t help but smile. Everyone seemed so relaxed when they were here; laughs were louder, smiles more honest and stories more interesting.

Despite the chairs being wood, they were undeniably comforting after a long day. She could feel the stress melting away as she sat down at the table. She took off her blazer and hung it over the back of the chair. Once the bar got packed, it tended to get a little warm

“Hey Val, where’s my beer”, Alex asked as she got settled? Normally, she wouldn’t be drinking, as she never liked to feel like she was out of control. She had such a low tolerance, that even one beer could impair her judgment. But, she figured that if they were going to be dredging up old stories and trying to figure out what to do when Jackson came back into town, a drink was in order.