She could still remember every word of the letters that she had written to him while he was gone. They were all full of hidden messages, which he obviously never got. She would tell him that things were busy, but that she always had time to dream and think about the future. What she meant was that things were busy but that she was always dreaming about him and the future when he would come back to Texas. She talked about riding her horse out to the lake, hoping he would remember riding with her so long ago and think of returning. She thought about every word that she chose carefully, trying to sound as mature as possible. She hoped that as he read her words, he would see her maturing as a woman, rather than the ‘friend’ he left behind. All she knew was it had been a long time since they’d written, let alone seen each other. Her heart half hoped that his good looks and charm had been lost in California. If that were the case, it would be easier to forget her old feelings when he returned. The other part of her hoped that he remembered every bit about her and had been looking forward to coming back to Texas. But she knew that neither was bound to be true.

She was jolted out of her thoughts as he foot caught on the sidewalk. She stumbled, but was able to maintain her balance. She looked at the gound and caught sight of nothing that should have tripped her up. Although, it didn’t take much for her to miss-step, as she was fairly accident prone. She shrugged it off as her normal clumsiness. And, for the first time since she had left her office, she actually looked around. She loved her little town. It really was a sterotypical Texas town, with tree-lined streets, colorful storefronts and more colorful people. But, there were things about the town that made it all their own.