“You’re stubborn and can’t handle not being in charge” Alexis yelled, still in shock of what he told her.

“No I’m not! You just can’t handle change.” Jackson responded, wishing he could stop this argument.

“I can handle change, I just love Rakesford. I don’t want to leave my family and friends”, she was trying to maintain her cool, but it was getting difficult.

“Why is it so hard for you to see that it is a chance for a future?” he continued.

“With you? You can’t even tell me that you love me!”  She was flabbergasted.

“You know how much I care about you. Why are you so adamant about me saying I love you! Can’t we just move in together and see where it goes?” Jackson couldn’t believe his own words. He loves her! More than anything in the world, so why couldn’t he just tell her?

“No, if you can’t say those 3 words, I can’t say yes.” She wanted to say yes, but she had to maintain her strength.

“Well I’m not ready, so what can we do?”

“Apparently nothing. I’ve tried. And I can’t try anymore”. She was hoping that he wouldn’t go, but his next words destroyed her hopes.

“If that’s your choice, then fine”, as he turned and walked out the door. Headed to California. 

What had she done? She just wanted him to understand that she couldn’t just give up what she loved to move with him. Her life was here. She wanted to be with him, but how was she supposed to just say goodbye to everything she knows, without even hearing ‘I love you’. No, she wouldn’t do it. She was staying and if he didn’t get it, then he could do whatever he pleased. At least this was she was trying to convince herself as the tears began to fall down her cheeks. She collapsed to the floor, pressing her back against her couch, beginning to sob. She just watched the her heart walk out the door.