Through their four years at UT they grew up, but not apart. They both had their share of male adorers but only Alexis fell subject to heartbreak. They often spent weekends at Val’s restaurant – The Long Ride, and during their sophomore year, a new bartender had started working there. Alexis and he immediately hit it off. His name was Tony; he was everything that fit ‘tall, dark and handsome’. Unfortunately it turned out that his temper was just as dark. Their relationship had started like a fairytale. They went riding together, out to dinner, romantic beach trips to south Texas; he spoiled her in every aspect of the word. They saw each other almost every day, and fell deeply in love, or so she thought. After about a year together, Tony became more protective, demanding and needy. He would call 5 or more times a day, and heaven forbid she didn’t answer. When she did get to call him back he was questioning, untrusting and dramatic. She soon realized that the man she thought she was in love with wasn’t there anymore. She ended things, but as it is often hard to do, she never forgot the good times that they had. Since then, she had not opened her heart for fear that her partner would change, much like Tony did. She still dated, and loved the accompaniment of an attractive man, but refused more than a couple dates, never risking getting to close.

        Valerie loved men as much as Alexis, but she had never gotten her heart broken, she refused more than 5 dates with any man, that was enough time to enjoy a few great meals, a good movie, and depending on the guy, a nice gift. Now, Valerie wasn’t greedy, or selfish, but she knew how to date, and enjoyed playing the game. If guys wanted to spoil her, she was happy to receive the perks. It was nothing she ever asked for, it was just what she usually received. The fact of the matter was that if she found a guy that didn’t use any of the ‘expected’ dating tactics, she might stick around for more than a handful of dates.