Valerie and Alexis became friends their freshman year in high school when they met at an intramural soccer game. The day of their first practice it was pouring down rain, and the team was about to cancel the first practice. Valerie had been running late and as she ran up to the group, she slipped and slid through a huge mud puddle. She stood up, dripping wet and laughing. The mood switched right away, and the team immediately started playing, slipping and sliding over the soaked and muddy field. At the end of the practice, Alexis came up to Valerie and asked if she wanted to grab dinner with her and a few of the other players. Val agreed and she and Alex spent the entire night learning about each other, by the end of the night it was as if they’d know each other for ages. They spent the next 4 years as best friends, confidants, study buddies and party partners. And the end of High School, they decided to head off to University of Texas together, Alexis heading into Real Estate Law and Valerie into Restaurant Management. They stayed best friends and became roommates.