His lips touched hers again as he whispered “I need you, now”. Her breath caught in her throat as she heard those words. She had been waiting for years for him to tell her that, but the feeling it brought through her body was more powerful than she thought possible. She wanted him too, she wanted all of him. Rather than respond, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips harder against him. He gently opened his mouth and let his tongue explore hers. She scratched her nails against his naked back, sending chills up his spine. His lips became more forceful, as he pulled her tighter against him. He wanted to rip her clothes off and make love to her in that moment, but he restrained himself. He wanted her to feel all the pleasure he could give her. He wanted to make her tremble beneath his fingers and make her beg for release. He wanted to satisfy the desires he knew she was harboring. Her body was responding just as he had hoped. He could feel her heartbeat quickening, and pulled her against his hardening groin. She wanted to wrap her legs around him, pull him deep inside her and explore the pleasure she knew he would give her. She wanted his naked body against hers; she wanted to feel his heat. Instead, she leaned her head to the side, and moaned with the softness of his lips that touched the exposed flesh of her neck. He looked at her, eyes closed, smiling with pleasure, and touched his tongue to her earlobe. He sucked the tender flesh into his mouth and softly bit down. A soft moan escaped her lips and he kissed her again. This time, she responded more strongly, placing her hands on his butt, feeling the taught muscle under her hands. He kissed her neck once more and looked down at her amazing body. Her button up v-neck shirt revealed her ample breasts, the flesh inviting and soft. He reached his hands around her body, slid them down her thighs, and lifted her hips against his. She could feel his hardness against his jeans and wrapped her legs around him. Her green eyes starring deeply into his, stirred emotions he didn’t know he had. He shook those feelings from his mind and kissed her revealed skin. Unbuttoning her shirt, he kissed each new inch as if it were the last. When he finally undid the rest of the shirt and she lay in front of him half naked, no bra concealing her beautiful breast, his breath caught in his throat. “You are beautiful. I want you to tell me what you want, anything”, was all he could say to her. She lifted her body against him and kissed his neck. Their lips touched again, this time feverish and charged. She reached down and undid his belt buckle, pulling it from the belt loops, causing his hips to jerk against hers, his hardness rubbing against her already hot center. He lifted off her and began to undo her tight jeans. The button came undone easily and he slid the zipper down. His lips touched her bellybutton and he began to kiss down towards her hot, wet flesh. He slid her jeans over her hips and down her legs, as they slid passed her toes he tossed them to the side and covered her lace clad mound with his hot mouth. Her hips thrust forward as she felt the pleasure consume her body. He slipped his fingers under the edges of her panties and slid them off. Seeing her fully naked beneath him, he lost his thoughts, admiring the beauty in front of him. Her voice brought him back to earth. “Make love to me, Jackson, I want you inside me”. Her eyes showed her desire and he stripped himself in seconds. He slowly lowered himself to her, trying to control his drive to bury himself inside her and release the passion that has been building. As he entered her, she moaned and kissed him deeply. He began thrusting slowly at first, letting her adjust to his width. Soon, he was pumping in and out of her in a steady rhythm; she could feel her orgasm building, her breath quickening. His arms enveloped her body, pulling her deeper against him, feeling the intensity of his sex. He gradually increased his pace, and felt her muscles tighten against him, making it hard to concentrate.