The phone rang for what seemed like the fifteenth time that day.

 “Alex Venn, Rakesford Realty, how can I help you?”          

  “Honey, why don’t you ever use your full name? Alex makes you sound like a boy.”         

  “Hi mom.” She stifled a groan; her mother only seemed to call when she had the town gossip or another “wonderful guy” to set her up with. She had yet to agree with her mothers taste for her in men and wasn’t in the mood today.           

“Have I got news for you Alexis! Guess who is rumored to be coming back to our little town next month.”

“Mom, I don’t have time for this today. I am ridiculously bu…”

“Jackson Taylor!” her mother said before she could finish her sentence. And then, she realized the name that had come out of her mother’s mouth and almost dropped the phone. “Could it be true? Could he really be coming back?” After all these years just the thought of Jackson still made her stomach jump.

 “…Alexis, hello? You still alive?”

Her mom’s voice brought her back to reality. “Oh yeah, sorry. So when is he coming back and why?” She was never a huge fan of gossip but when it came to Jackson, she always had time to listen.

“Well, if my sources are correct, he is getting transferred back to Texas to work. In Austin.” Austin was a mere 20 miles up the road, and living in Rakesford was a great way to get out of city living without a terrible commute.

“But the biggest thing is he will need a place to live, it’s a perfect way to see him again. You two always had so much fun together”.

 “Mother, need I remind you, I haven’t heard from him in seven years; what makes you think he even remembers me?” He had promised to write, and he had, first it was once a month then once every two months, and after about two years, he just stopped writing. Her last letter to him had met with no response.

“Well, I am sure he will remember you, but I must head to the salon. Come home for dinner sometime soon we miss you. With Brandon at Rice, we barely see him, I want to at least see the one child still in town.”

“Okay mom.” She didn’t see how it was possible for her mother to miss her, she talked to her at least four times a week; she never got the chance to miss her. She hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair.