“So, how’d you pull that one off, I was sure I had you beat?”         

“You can never be too sure about me; I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve.”

            “Sure you do.”

            “You doubt me? That’s never a good idea Jackson. We girls can be dangerous”!

            “Ha. Most girls are. You, I have all figured out.”

How wrong he was. He knew her tomboy side; he knew nothing of her romantic, frolicking on the beach one.  He swam to the shore, climbed out, and laid down in the grass to dry off. She sat down next to him.

            “So what made you decide to leave Texas,” she asked?

            “I don’t know, I wanted a change and California seemed like a good place. Plus the colleges are great, UCLA will definitely push me in the right direction. Why, you gonna miss me or something?” He pushed her gently.

            “A pain in the butt like you? Not one bit.” Her mouth said one thing but her heart was screaming “yes, please don’t go, stay here and be with me.” She felt stupid even thinking like that.

            “C’mon,” he said, “lets head back, I have packing left to do.”

            They climbed back on the horses and headed back to the stables. They unsaddled the mares and began to groom them before putting them away.

            “I’ll keep in touch and let you know how California is” Jackson told her as they finished the task at hand. He gave her a big hug and she prayed that he wouldn’t let go. But, of course, he had to and as he walked back to her house a small tear dripped down her cheek. She wiped it away quickly and chided herself for being so emotional. After all she was just a “little sister” to him.