She hated that Jackson thought of her as a little sister. For once, she wished he would just see her as a young woman, someone he would want to date. Alexis was pretty. Nothing superb, but she was young. At 5’4″ and a mere 110 pounds with long brown hair and green eyes, she was a simple beauty who just hadn’t matured. With a quick wave goodbye to her parents and a yell upstairs to Brandon, she headed to the corral. She expected to be the first there, to have some time to herself to get the horses ready to ride, but to her surprise, Jackson was already there.

            “Hey kid, how’s it going”

            “Hey J, I’m good, but what are you doing here.” The ‘you’ came out a little harsher than she had intended.

            “Ouch, I’m sorry, would you prefer I left?”

            “No! Um, I mean, um, of course not. I was actually going to invite you to race down to the lake.”

            Oh, I see, looking to beat me once more before I leave, huh?” he finished saddling up the horses as she laughed and replied, “Well, don’t I always?”

He jumped on Stone’s back and began to head out of the stables before she could even get on. Stone was already out of the gates and almost into a full gallop before she was out of the pen with Luc. She screamed ‘cheater’ as she raced after him. He glanced back just to see her disappear into the trees to his right. Little did he know, she had found a shortcut through the thick branches and was hell bent on her continuing tradition of beating him to the lake. When he came into the clearing ten minutes later, she was already off Luc and had him at the edge drinking in the cool water. She grinned at him as he walked up next to her. The smile was brief as he grabbed her and threw her into the water. She sputtered to the surface just as he dove in after her, just in his boxers. Suddenly, she wasn’t so mad anymore. He swam up next to her; she could feel the heat radiating from his wet body.