Hey darlin’,” Scott drawled, “taking the horse out today? You ought to ask Jackson to go, he’s leaving in two days and he’ll want to say goodbye to Stone.”

His last comment was followed by a little wink. Her father knew about the crush she had on Jackson. At 6’1″, dark unruly hair, shinning blue eyes and a cowboy’s build, he was definitely the heartthrob type. Her mom and dad knew she had a romantic side under that tomboy exterior; she was just damn good at making sure others didn’t.  Being a tomboy had kept her from acting like a fool around the guys like most of her girlfriends did.

            “Yeah dad, I planned on it, thanks.”

She plopped down at the table and downed the glass of OJ in front of her.

            “Sweetie, you might want to take it easy on him racing today”

            “And why is that, mom?”

            “You know how much he hates to lose baby, and it is his last couple days in town.”

            “Well then, tell him to stop treating me like a little sister and I might give in,” Alexis chided back.