February 2008

She could still remember every word of the letters that she had written to him while he was gone. They were all full of hidden messages, which he obviously never got. She would tell him that things were busy, but that she always had time to dream and think about the future. What she meant was that things were busy but that she was always dreaming about him and the future when he would come back to Texas. She talked about riding her horse out to the lake, hoping he would remember riding with her so long ago and think of returning. She thought about every word that she chose carefully, trying to sound as mature as possible. She hoped that as he read her words, he would see her maturing as a woman, rather than the ‘friend’ he left behind. All she knew was it had been a long time since they’d written, let alone seen each other. Her heart half hoped that his good looks and charm had been lost in California. If that were the case, it would be easier to forget her old feelings when he returned. The other part of her hoped that he remembered every bit about her and had been looking forward to coming back to Texas. But she knew that neither was bound to be true.

She was jolted out of her thoughts as he foot caught on the sidewalk. She stumbled, but was able to maintain her balance. She looked at the gound and caught sight of nothing that should have tripped her up. Although, it didn’t take much for her to miss-step, as she was fairly accident prone. She shrugged it off as her normal clumsiness. And, for the first time since she had left her office, she actually looked around. She loved her little town. It really was a sterotypical Texas town, with tree-lined streets, colorful storefronts and more colorful people. But, there were things about the town that made it all their own.


So I know that I have a lot to do still before I am actually ready to have a book cover, but these are the ideas that I have so far for the cover anyway! 🙂 Let me know what you think and whether either of these fit with what I have been writing. Or, if you have better ideas, let me know. I can be pretty creative with photoshop, but I need to have other ideas. OR!!! if any of you are photographers or have friends that are photograpers, I would love to get some pictures taken for me of what I need. Thanks for your help and your opinions!

Possible Book CoverPossible other book cover

“Hey Becky. How are you? How’s business”, Alex asked?

“It’s going great, although I wish I could figure out a way to keep it packed during the day. The morning and the evening, we can barely brew fast enough. But between about 11am and 4 pm…it’s pretty dull. WE have a few people that come in to grab a pick-me-up during lunch, but other than that…” she trailed off, lost in a thought…”Oh, um anyway..how are you”?

Alexis giggled, she couldn’t help it when she listened to her friend change subjects so easily, “I’m doing wonderfully. Business is good, people love buying homes in the spring. So, I can’t really complain. Plus, I just hired a personal assistant that is really making my life easier”.

“Make sure to bring her by and introduce her to our fabulous coffee!” And with that, Becky turned and headed off. Alexis could hear her humming under her breath to her own melody. Becky never stayed and chatted long. It always seemed that she was heading somewhere, but had no idea where.

Alexis continued walking towards ‘The Long Ride’, wondering who else was out and about this afternoon. As she fell back into her stride, her thoughts came back to Jackson. Wondering where he was this very moment, if he still looked as good, and if he even remebered her. Realistically, she knew that he probably did, but also knew that he probably still thought she was 15.

Hey everyone,

 I am so happy to see that people are actually enjoying what I am writing. I was really nervous to put this out there at first, since i really am a novice to writing novels. I won’t have any new additions until Monday night, as my best friend, Melanie, from college is in town visiting! We’re having so much fun catching up! I am busy getting ready for a party for her tonight. She is in the Coast Guard and is just in town for a couple of days. It’s been over 7 months since I last saw her. Anyway, stay tuned for next week…i am hoping to get close to finishing chapter one (we’ll see…lol)


(us in hawaii, almost 2 years ago….)

Cheers and have a great weekend!

❤ Kirsten

“Hey Sarah, send the rest of my calls to my cell please? I’m heading to ‘The Long Ride’. You’re welcome to head out too.” Alexis called to her personal assistant as she walked out the front door and into the sun. She had just hired Sarah last week, and hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know her yet. Normally, she would have invited her along to get to know her better, but she didn’t really want anyone else to hear the Jackson discussion. She shaded her eyes as she opened her purse to hunt down her sunglasses. Of course they had fallen to the bottom of her bag…whatever she needed at that moment always seemed to. She located her favorite silver ray-ban aviators. They reminder her of ‘Top Gun’, one of her favorite movies. Plus, they were great for sun protection.

“Hey Alex! What’s up chica?!”

Alexis turned to see Becky, the local coffee shop owner, walking towards her. Becky was in her late 20’s and always looked like she rolled out of bed and headed to work Today, her red hair was in a knot at the top of her head, she was wearing a flowing flowery skirt in shades of pink, red and orange, a white tank, and cowboy boots. She had completed the look with a long turquoise beaded necklaces.  She rarely wore make-up, and today was no different. Despite her disheveled look, everyone loved her. She was fun, creative and just a little kooky.

Title: ‘The Long Ride’

Last line: ‘Every mile, every bump and every hurdle was worth it. The long ride wasn’t over, but it had a much better destination.’

Alexis glanced at her computer screen. She had received a few emails in the last couple minutes, none that she really wanted to answer. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was 2:45. She was only 5 minutes walking distance from ‘The Long Ride’, but she figured with everyone in town on Fridays, it would take her 15 minutes to get there.

She clicked off her monitor and decided to call it a day. Unfurling her feet from under her, she slid her feet back into her black Christian Louboutin pumps. Her one weakness was beautiful shoes: Choo, Blahnik, Louboutin, Weitzman, Dior, her closet was filled with designers from all over the world. She planned her outfit around the pair of shoes she was craving that morning. Valerie always teased her that if it weren’t for her shoe collection, she would have no vices. Alex didn’t drink too much, had only ever tried a cigarette once (it made her choke) and didn’t gamble.

She finished tidying up her desk and walked out of her office.  It was a beautiful spring day, and she couldn’t wait to see who was out and about.

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