She got out of her plush bed and stepped down onto cold hardwood.

            “For it being summer and hot already, you would think the floor might be warm,” she griped to her empty room.

She walked into her closet; she had always had a shopping fetish, especially for a tomboy. She threw on a pair of jeans, cowboy boots and a lightweight fitted t-shirt. Green. It brought out the hint of it in her eyes. As she walked downstairs to join her parents for breakfast, she could hear the pounding of punk rock music coming from Brandon’s room, he was a pain, but she loved him. At only 11, she couldn’t blame her brother for being a pain; he was just at “that age” as her parents said. Katherine, her mom, and Scott Venn had been great parents, a tad protective, but with Alexis’ wild streak and her brothers age, who wouldn’t be?