The harsh sunlight bursting through the wood slated blinds awoke Alexis from her deep sleep. She groaned as she opened her eyes, annoyed that she couldn’t finish the dream she’d been having. She and Jackson had been out riding Luc and Stone. She had named her horse Lucifer when she first bought him because of his devilish nature when she would ride, but as he aged, he mellowed and she shortened his name to Luc. At just 15, she had fallen victim to a crush on her neighbor Jackson, whom at 18, was leaving the small town of Rakesford, Texas to attend college out in California. Her dreams, like usual, were of the two of them riding together, ending up by the lake, or the ocean, or anywhere alone for that matter. Tonight, they had been riding in the surf along the beach in Barbados, a country she had dreamed of visiting, but didn’t think she’d ever get to. They had dismounted the horses and began to stroll along the beach, reins in hand. They reached a small outcropping of rocks and tied the horses up to a tree near by. They sat down and removed their shoes and their socks. The cool breeze felt good on her hot feet after the long ride. She rolled up her pant legs and wandered down to the ocean, she could hear Jackson following her, and then the footsteps stopped. All of a sudden she was scooped out of the surf into his muscular arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked into his baby blues. He leaned towards her; she could almost feel his lips on hers. And that is where she awoke, as she always seemed to do, just before she got that kiss she so deeply desired.